What Do Clients Want to See on Your Social Media Accounts?

Social Media Accounts

Presenting yourself professionally as a freelancer or new business owner can be a bit of a balancing act. You want to showcase your personality and make sure that your name is searchable and branded well… but how much is too much?

The truth is, there are some things your client just does not need to know about you and your business, no matter how open-minded they are. Here are three things your clients DON’T want to see on your social media accounts or websites.

That you have a negative attitude

Let’s face it: we’ve all had jobs we haven’t loved, bosses we didn’t adore, and projects we flat out disliked. But not every little detail needs to be shared with the world. It’s okay to inject your personality into your personal brand (that’s the meaning behind the term!), but if your favorite thing to do is complain, you might want to watch what you post.

Focus on posting social media content that positively reflects you and your brand; industry news, things you love about your job, how you handle work life balance, and fun moments from your life. Of course it’s normal to sometimes want to post about the less fun things in life like traffic, bad weather, and politics, but do so in moderation (and ideally without dropping any expletives.)

That you’re a party animal

You’re an adult and are free to do whatever you like with your own time, but when wild nights out go from being an exception to becoming the norm, your clients may have a valid cause for concern.

Your clients want to know that you can meet deadlines, represent their business professionally, and do your work with a clear mind. Being out at all hours of the night or being sloppy on the Internet will give them the impression that you’ll have a hard time doing those things, whether that’s true or not. Again, fun times in your life can definitely be showcased on social, but we’re big fans of the motto, “work hard, play hard”, not “play hard, work sometimes”.

That you’re not qualified

So your proposal looks good, your discovery meeting went well, and your rate is just right. But can you actually do the work?

Many business owners are great salespeople, but your prospects will want to be sure that you can actually deliver before they hire you. So make sure that your LinkedIn profile reflects all of the incredible things you’ve done — and if you haven’t had a ton of clients yet, don’t worry! Just make sure you add any relevant jobs you’ve held, skills and certifications you have, and regularly share your expertise via articles and commentary.

Remember: it’s important to know what’s said about you and your business online. That’s why Marple is a must for freelancers, job seekers, parents, and most anyone looking to take control of their personal branding and privacy.

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