How to Know What to Post on Social Media

How to Know What to Post on Social Media

Using social media to grow your personal brand is a topic that we’ve covered before, but today we’re taking a deeper dive into a common question we see. Now that you’ve set up your profiles, how do you know what to post on social media? There are endless possibilities, and very little guidance out there. So how do you learn which types of posts will help you build your personal brand without taking a ton of time and energy out of your day? We’ve got five social media content ideas that will help answer just that.

Analyze Google Trends

If you haven’t taken a look around Google Trends yet, we definitely recommend playing around with it and seeing what pops up for your industry. All you have to do is type in a search term that you’re thinking about using, like ‘social media’, for example. It will then show you some information about interest over time to give you a better understanding of its relevancy, and you can also take a look at interest by geographic area. My favorite section of this report is the related queries section, because it actually give ideas to use it in a sentence or in a headline.

Check trending hashtags

Similarly, you can also take a look at hashtags to fuel your content strategy. When you log into Twitter every day, you’ll see a list of trending topics and hashtags. Click through those and see if any of those are related to your industry and your business goals. If so, retweet a post or draft something of your own to add to the conversation! LinkedIn has a similar kind of trending feature going on, as well as hashtag support. Make a point to type a few key hashtags into your search bar every day to see what’s new!

Follower industry thought leaders

We’ve talked about this one before, but following industry thought leaders can do wonders for your own social media content strategy. This is kind of a similar practice to the hashtag tip — be sure to follow people who know what they’re talking about and who are really active in your industry. The key here is not to copy them, but just follow their lead. If they’re posting about a certain topic, you probably know it’s worth talking about yourself. You might also want to share their content regularly if they’re well respected people in your industry.

Address FAQs

Now, if you’ve done all of these things and you’re still at a loss about what exactly to post on social media, here’s my number one tip: address your FAQs. Nearly every business or personal brand has some type of FAQ that they get regularly. Maybe it’s, “what hours is your store open?” Or, “what was your career before starting your business?” Start by addressing those common questions in a video or a blog post. This is sure to bring up more questions, which is another really important thing about managing a social media profile. Listening to people who are engaging with you and getting a feel for what they’d like to know about you can really help guide your strategy.

Pay attention to search

We talked about looking at Google Trends and looking at hashtags, but what we also want to talk about paying attention to your own search terms. Using a tool like Marple allows you to see what other people see when they search for name and will also let you know when new search results pop up about you on Google. What this can do is help give you some insight into what people are writing about you, your business, or your personal brand online. Using Marple will provide you some good insight into whether there’s anything that you need to address, negative or positive.

All you have to do is let us know which search term you’re interested in hearing about. Maybe it’s your first and last name if you’re a personal brand. If you own a business or represent a company in some way, maybe it’s your company name. What we’ll then do is send you notifications every time we see a new search result pop up about those terms, allowing you to be able to take a look at them, see what the search results are, and also mark them positive or negative. It’s another great way to stay in the know about what’s being said about you online and hopefully help you develop some new content ideas as well.

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