DIY Public Relations Tips for Small Businesses

Public Relations Tips for Small Business

So you’re running a small business: you have your operations, financials, and processes all figured out. But have you considered your public relations strategy?

You might think that P.R. is only relevant for big businesses and celebrities, but the truth is, all businesses can benefit from a solid public relations strategy.

Here are three important public relations tips for small business.

Sponsor and Speak at Events

Get offline and into the real world! Sponsoring or participating in events can be a great way to get the word out about your business. Networking events offer a host of benefits, from demonstrating your area of expertise through education and presentations to connecting with potential clients, partners, and influencers. 

Sponsoring events can also be a great way to demonstrate your support for your community, or a specific issue or cause. Charitable events are often in need of business sponsors and provide opportunities to be featured in event materials or co-marketing campaigns. 

Getting involved in your local chamber of commerce or joining local networking groups can be an easy way to learn about and get involved in these opportunities. It’s also a great idea to update your LinkedIn profile and stay active on the platform so that local non-profits, charities, and event planners can get to know you and your business. That way, when the need for a sponsor, speaker, or partner arises, you’ll be top of mind. 

DIY Public Relations Platforms

Ever wonder how businesses even smaller than yours are able to get featured in leading industry publications? Sure, a good P.R. person can help, but HARO is a DIY solution that small businesses, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders can use for free. It stands for ‘Help a Reporter Out’, and you just sign up for emails, and they’ll send you alerts when journalists have sent out requests. You then reply with a pitch (usually just a few paragraphs answering the prompt the journalist has sent along), and if you’re selected, you’ll be published for free!

A similar DIY P.R. solution is PRWeb. Let’s say you’re opening a new location, or you’re hosting a big event. Simply create a press release and PRWeb can help you syndicate it to the right publications for as little as $99 per release. 

Use a Reputation Management Tool

A huge part of public relations is knowing what’s being said about you by others. Using a reputation management tool like Marple can help give you a better understanding of exactly that. Simply create an account for free at, enter your business name as your search term, and watch notifications come in via email whenever new results pop up about you on Google.

Knowing what’s being said about you is great, but that’s not it. Marple will also allow you to mark those results positive, negative, or report them to Google for removal if you run across anything malicious or simply untrue.

Marple is one of the best — and easiest — ways to stay on top of your online reputation, something that is vital for any business large or small. Don’t let Google’s search result page ruin your small business’ reputation.

Sign up for Marple today!