5 Best Child Monitoring Apps for Parents

Child Monitoring Apps for Parents

Knowing what your children are up to — both online and off — is more important now than ever.

From learning where your children are in the world via GPS technology to reducing their screen time, we’ve rounded up five of the best child monitoring apps for parents.


While the Internet can be a great place for your children to learn and connect with friends, it also has its downsides. Creating an account with Qustodio allows you to monitor your child’s activity on computers, smartphones, or tablets, as well as set time limits for their screen time. You’ll also be able to learn how much time your child is spending on social networking sites and block harmful, inappropriate content.


If you have teenagers, this is an app you may want to download. Bark monitors text messages, emails, and social media for potentially dangerous content. They use an algorithm to detect language and interactions that may be a cause for concern, like self-harm, cyberbullying, or threats of violence. They’ll also let you know if they detect anything that you might want to look into.


Once your children start driving or going over to friend’s houses, it’s important for you to know where they are at all times. Life360 helps you do just that. It’s a GPS tracking app that can be installed on your child’s (or any family member’s) device. This app lets you share locations with your family, receive notifications when they come and go, and even monitor new drivers’ roadside habits.


Like some of the others, OurPact offers location tracking and screen time monitoring. But what sets it apart is the ability to block or restrict access to certain apps. If you determine that an app is not the best fit for your child, you can restrict them from using it at all, or only allow it once in awhile, like on the weekends.


Marple is unique, because it lets you know what other people are saying about your child. Wondering why you should care? Unfortunately, not everyone has your child’s best interests in mind, including:

  • Cyberbullies who threaten or intimidate your child 
  • Friends that post inappropriate or personal content
  • Predators who do the unthinkable

It’s something none of us wants to think about it, but can be stopped in its tracks when handled appropriately. With Marple, we’ll send you a notification whenever your child’s name pops up in Google search results, so you can determine if it’s positive, negative, or needs to be removed. In addition to image search and regular Google search, we take a look at all online videos, including YouTube for a given search phrase. 

The best part? As a child monitoring app, Marple is totally free for up to one search term, like your child’s name!

We think everyone should have a say in what personal information is publicly available for all the world to see.

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