3 Great Personal Brand Website Examples

3 Great Personal Brand Website Examples

Today we’re going to be covering a topic that we’ve touched on once or twice before: websites

If you’re looking to grow or build your personal brand from scratch, having a personal website is usually not a bad idea, especially if you’re looking to sell services or products or get hired for a job. So today, we’re taking a look at a few of our favorite personal brand websites that showcase some of the things that should be always included on a website:

  • An ‘About’ section, or your story 
  • A contact page or section that allows people to purchase from you or get in touch with you
  • Some type of social proof, whether it’s testimonials, or examples of your work or case studies

Let’s take a closer look at a few of our favorite personal brand websites!

Marie Forleo

This first website is Marie Forleo’s. She’s an entrepreneur, a philanthropist an author, and a YouTube channel host… but you really don’t need me to tell you that, since her website displays that information perfectly. What I really like about this website is that it is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it does really touch on some of those key components above.

By scrolling down just one panel, you get a bold ‘About’ section that you can click on to learn more about who exactly Marie is. I also love that the images are eye-catching. Images can really help form an emotional connection with the audience, and Marie’s site makes you really feel like you get to know her. She injects a lot of personality into her about sections, too. She talks about loving hip hop, roller coasters, and karaoke, which are not traditional things to put on a website, but it makes it really fun and relatable. 

As far as her contact information, Marie doesn’t have a traditional contact page or section, since she doesn’t do a lot of, if any, one-on-one work anymore. She does, however, have a lot of call-to-actions that are really clear throughout her website. 

For social proof, on the ‘Get Started’ page, she showcases that she’s been featured in Forbes, OWN, and Inc 500. She also showcases a ton of very influential people there who have interviewed her or who endorsed her, and has a page dedicated to testimonials and success stories from her clients. 

Neil Patel

The next website is Neil Patel’s. He is a digital marketer, and his website is quite different from Marie’s because it’s actually very, very simple. This personal brand website might be a little bit more of a realistic example for those of you who are building your own websites, and really starting from scratch. 

Neil Patel gives a very clear call-to-action when you first open up his website. Scrolling down, he’s got a nice, bright picture of himself and a good explanation of who he is and why we should be paying attention to what he has to say. There is also another call-to-action right there if you’d like to go ahead and work with him. So that knocks the about section in the contact section out just in that second panel there. He also knocks out the third point, because he mentions that he’s a New York Times bestselling author, The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer, and he’s been featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine. Those are all forms of social proof. They give him a bit of credibility, and establish him as an authority in the space. 

Unlike Marie, he does have a formal contact page, which is great. Clicking on his ‘Services’ section will bring us over to some additional information about the types of services that he offers. This page is another great way to give some additional social proof. He showcases more of a storytelling, case study type example on this page and shares actual traffic reports he’s helped people generate. 

Amy Porterfield

The last website I want to show you is Amy Porterfield’s. She’s a digital marketer and a podcast host. On the front page, we’re learning who Amy Porterfield is, and then we’ve got a call-to-action to get started with working with her and learning from her. There, she has some nice lead generation options. 

Right below that is some of that social proof. A few of the places that Amy has been featured in include: Business Insider, Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, Fast Company, Mashable, MSNBC, and Social Media Examiner. These are all very important industry publications, so they definitely give her a bit of credibility and establish her as a thought leader in the space. 

Scrolling down, there’s even more of an ‘About’ section. You can read her entire story, which is really great inspiration for people looking to build an ‘About’ page of their own. It’s very personalized, and showcases some really good storytelling and copywriting. She really shares the ins and outs of why she decided to become an entrepreneur, as well as explains her area of expertise. 

There are a few different ways to contact Amy on her site. There’s a sidebar that will allow us to subscribe to Facebook Messenger. There’s also several freebies that you can click on and get started with just by entering in your email. There are call-to-action buttons to listen to her podcasts, and there is a tiny contact button down at the bottom. One of the things that I really like about this contact page is that she actually has a searchable FAQ section. This is great because website visitors often ask the same questions time and time again, so this really helps people problem solve on their own. 

I hope that these examples got you thinking about how to build your own personal brand website, and of course, don’t forget to sign up free for Marple if you’re really looking to take your personal branding to the next level.

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